Deutsch Associates, Inc



Brooklyn Law School - 1959.

    -B.S. in Real Estate - New York University, 1958.
Society of Real Estate Appraisers
    -Course 101, Introduction to Appraising Real Estate

    -Course 102 - Applied Residential Property Valuation

    -Course 201 - Principles of Income PropertyValuation

    -General 3 - Applied Income Property Valuation

    -Professional Practice & Standards

     -Exam Seminar for State Certification

EMPLOYMENT: CHARLES DEUTSCH- 71-02 Myrtle Ave, Glendale, NY 11385

Mr Deutsch is a licensed New York State Real Estate Broker and Appraiser with full time emphasis in the appraisal field for the past 30 years.Appraisal services include appraisal reports in conjunction with mortgage financing,condemnation, sales, purchases, tax certiorari, and estates. Mr Deutsch has been qualified as an "Expert Witness" in the New York State Supreme Court, and before the Internal Revenue Service.

Clientele has included investors, corporations, lending institutions, governmental agencies and attorneys.

EXPERIENCE: Appraisal assignments throughout the City of New York, & in the entire New York Metropolitan area.


Waterford Regional College, Waterford, Ireland.


    Sponsor: Association of Certified Accountants.

    Completed: June 30, 1986

Columbia Society of Real Estate Appraisers
    -R1-Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal

    -R2-Valuation Principles and Procedures

    -R3-Applied Residential Property Valuation

    -R4-Introduction to One-Four Family Income Capitalizaton

    -G1- Introduction to Income Property Valuation

    -G2- Principles of Income Property Appraisal

    -G3- Applied Income Property Valuation

    -Ethics and Standards


Deutsch Associates Inc., Real Estate Appraisers.

71-02 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385

Continuous employment since November 1991. Experience includes completion and assistance in the completion of many types of appraisal reports for a variety of clients. Single, 2-4 family and multi family residential appraisals have all been completed, as well as mixed use, commercial and industrial properties. Clients directly served include Banks, Mortgage Bankers and Attorneys. Completion of appraisal reports for various government agencies and countless other clients.